I have 6 months experience in a specific training role and 4+ years experience as a manager responsible for the development of others.

The Carphone Warehouse has won seven major awards which are put down to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and to their employees’ personal and professional development. Their operational culture is to allow you to optimise your unique talents, grow your career and flourish within a stimulating environment. Intensive induction training is followed by further in-house courses and continual coaching throughout your career. I had to complete a number of courses and an assessment centre to progress to manager and as a manager I was then responsible for the development of others. I enjoyed this role so much I applied and passed the Area Trainer assessment centre which gave me the opportunity to deliver training days to the West of Scotland area as well as providing additional support as required.

I was also responsible for supporting the area in the roll out of the new HR system (myHR), giving technical support and training on how to use it.

In my role as a manager I was a successful coach and often shared best practice relating to this with other managers. I carried out weekly coaching sessions, shop-floor coaching, appraisals, as well as monthly team meetings. Managers meetings often involved product training which we then had to relay to our team.


  • references available on request

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