I’m a CELTA qualified ESOL teacher. I began by studying for my Cambridge CELTA qualification at International House in Palma where the following aspects were covered:

  • Introduction to the underlying principles of teaching language
  • Ways of presenting new language items
  • Techniques for further practice with emphasis on speaking
  • Use of visual aids, drama techniques and video
  • The listening skill, including use of taped material
  • The reading skill, including use of authentic material and readers
  • The writing skill
  • Timetabling from coursebooks
  • Alternative approaches to language teaching
  • Analysis of language from a foreign learner’s point of view
  • Correction techniques
  • Teaching pronunciation

The course also included teaching practice followed by reflection and feedback.

As a teacher at the same school I taught English to speakers of other languages of various ages and abilities and was responsible for: preparing lessons; marking homework; correcting exams; writing reports; communicating with parents and administrative duties as required by the department (e.g. compiling Cambridge assessment papers). I gained experience of teaching 1-2-1 and groups, children and adults, extensive and intensive courses.

Outside of my school experience I have worked with a number of private clients and groups delivering tailored lessons mainly to young learners to help with homework and exam preparation.

Evidence (password protected – please contact me via this form to request access):

  • CELTA qualification
  • Professional Development Interview 2008
  • Sample Lesson Plan (coming soon)

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