me in London age 2Photography is an area of my life I feel truly a ‘digital migrant’. I grew up with film cameras, photos were treasured mementos of special occasions and cameras were not the essential digital appendage they have become.

In the time I spent working at Carphone Warehouse I saw the advent of the first camera phone (I had a fab Nokia 7650!), and in just a few years Nokia became the world’s largest producer of digital cameras.

Chelsea Flower Show 2005

In 2006 I won an amateur camera phone photography competition with a photo I took at Chelsea Flower Show.

These are some of the photos I took in Orkney, again with a camera phone.

I have hundreds of photos from my time on the beautiful island of Mallorca:

Easter parade, Mallorca sunrise

This is San Antoni (Palma, 2008) when everyone takes their animals to church to be blessed.

Now I’m learning to use a digital SLR and photoshop which allows me to create and edit digital images for use online. Originally exclusively for myself to learn and enjoy, it has become an invaluable tool when creating online resources.

sea banner


A great way to embed images:

A useful resource for free images and photography tutorials:

My cousin Scott:

My friend Carla:

My friend Con:


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