Development Plan

Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your destiny…

Mahatma Mohandras Gandhi, 1869-1948

SWOT Analysis

Development Plan (password protected page – please contact me for access)

Learning Styles

VA(R)K (Dunn & Dunn, 1978; Fleming, 2001): strongest visual; weakest audio
Use visuals to learn new things and develop audio skills by reinforcing prior knowledge with audio.

Pragmatist (Honey & Mumford, 1982): relate learning to real-life; apply learning practically.

Left-brain slightly dominant: sequential learner.

There is much discussion (criticism) surrounding learning styles, my opinion is that it is good to be aware that there may be differences and to bear it in mind when learning and (more so) teaching.

Overview of learning (and teaching) styles  by Felder and Henriques (1995) here (pdf).


Dunn, R., & Dunn, K. (1978). Teaching students through their individual learning styles: A practical approach. Reston, VA: Reston Publishing Company.

Felder, R.M. and E.R. Henriques, E.R. (1995). Learning and Teaching Styles in Foreign and Second Language Education. Foreign Language Annals, 28(1), 21-31

Fleming N D (2001). Teaching and Learning Styles: VARK Strategies. Honolulu Community College

Honey, P & Mumford, A, (1982). The Manual of Learning Styles. Maidenhead, UK, Peter Honey Publications


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  2. Hi Lee,

    i notcied your E-Portfolio 3.0 script. Would be cool to receive a pdf about it.

    I translate the German langpack for Mahara and started t ostudy eEducation at Fernuni Hagen.

    Thanks in advance


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