The National Research Council of Canada PLE Project

“The National Research Council of Canada’s Institute for Information Technology (Learning and Collaborative Group) has started a research and development project exploring the Personal Learning Environment. The project researches how new technologies can be used in a personalized informal learning environment and focuses on two dimensions. The first dimension is the pedagogical: given the new affordances offered by web technologies, how can access to a wide variety of learning opportunities best be managed in an online environment? The second dimension is technical. Given a set of desired types of connections, what technologies can be assembled to best provide seamless access to a large variety of educational resources and services?

Existing learning management technology (such as the Learning Management System) is centered on the institution that owns and operates it as enterprise software. With the increase of lifelong and student-centered learning, individuals are more frequently enrolling in learning opportunities from multiple institutions and have a need to manage their learning through an entire career. Thus there is a need for a type of application that is centered on the learner and would constitute the person’s personal learning record, portfolio, business and educational contacts, communications and creativity tools, library and resource subscription management, and related services.

Stephen Downes, the project leader:

“Our priority is learning, and we believe the best learning happens through engagement and direct personal experience, which is the type of learning we believe is best created and managed using a personal learning environment.”

Watch this space!”

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