The Digital Narrative: A site dedicated to exploring story writing using digital media

What a great site!!  Here are loads of ways to introduce digital storytelling into a classroom from

‘Warmups and Wordle – and – ‘More Warmups’

If you’ve not experimented with digital media stories before, try a warmup exercise with your students first!


Easy to use, a great resource for building digital stories.


Don’t think of it simply as an online diary – blogging has become so much more.

Encourage students to build their story in their own way.


Allows students to build stories quickly – with a host of online applications freely available and easy to use.


A photo story application with a difference.


Regular diary entries are a great way to tell a story, and improve your writing.


Endlessly open to reinvention, email is vastly underutilised as a story tool!


Story building through forums is a revealing way to work with narrative.

Future Me

Very simple, requires only an email address and a creative mind.

Google Docs

Google Docs and Zoho are Word applications you can use in a browser.

Pim Pam Pum

You’ll have a class of experts in 10 mins.


Recording stories is a wonderful way of introducing oral storytelling to a class.


Interactive slideshows online.


You are almost certain to have numerous peer coaches in your class that can assist with SMS story building!


Use simple sketches with overlaid audio to create a story.


Build wonderful storybooks with amazing illistrations.


Interactive timelines are great for story building, no really!


Aa uniquely interactive space


Make a speaking avatar – and have it relay a story.


Write the script, and get your animated characters to act it out.

even more from the same site here.

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