Beginning of the end? No, just the beginning.

I’m at the stage now where I’m concentrating on evaluating what I’ve done in preparation for the assignment submission. The hardest part has been trying to integrate the literature, mainly because there’s so much!! My head is swimming with evidence supporting e-portfolio adoption: from the psychological and biological aspects of human memory (Schacter) to early proponents of reflection to facilitate deep learning (Dewey; Schon) to the latest constructionist approaches based on the work of Piaget and Papert. If you dive into every approach, every pedagogy there is more evidence.

However I usually like to back up my opinions with some nice figures and statistics which were impossible to find. How many people use e-portfolios? How many teachers (for example) have continued to use their e-portfolios after a career-change? How does the perceived value change with personalisation? In the interests of fairness and equality many recruiters will no longer accept a c.v, so will they look at an e-portfolio? How will attributes of new learners change the current face(s) of e-portfolios? They’re more open, more tech savvy and already have a digital identity they want to integrate. Current e-portfolio software doesn’t quite seem up to the task. The best (designed?) e-portfolios I’ve seen (so far – please contradict me!) have been using WordPress and Wikispaces as they allow so much more of yourself to be integrated. Certainly if an e-portfolio is primarily a process then perhaps I will never see the full picture only a face and therefore cannot comment. I wonder if a person stores their documents in Google Docs, their photos on Flickr, videos on Youtube and slides on Slideshare – is that an e-portfolio? Does one HAVE to present? Who is it for? For me this one is easy because I want to collaborate and share therefore regardless of the end-user,  I have to present.


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