27/11/09, from a recruiter:

“you might want to think about adding some information about your skills set in relation to different software packages etc ie audio and video editing skills etc, whether you can use Flash as these are things that will be looked for and it’s good to have that sort of information”

I included skills in a SWOT analysis, this also helped to focus me on what I ‘can do’ when reflecting on my experience.

1/12/09, from a tutor:

“Lee, looks good but I wonder if, as we are doing, there is a professional development imperative, that is, there is a structure that the profession expects, would wordpress support this? ”

This comment made me consider if I had included elements relating to professional development and as a result I included a personal statement and development plan with a view to beginning a recorded cycle of planning, implementation and review.


20:44: Lee: I had the idea that this is the framework and then you can feed in what you want – at the moment I feed my other blog into it but that would be better if it was latest professional learning journey
20:44:  (Ins): Indeed, I see where you are going – we have the challenge that if there are different styles and formats, then a teacher in a school for example with 5 beginning teachers may have – – –
20:45: (Ins): 5 different e-portfolio structures and may not be inclined to learn 5 different ways of looking at professional devleopment
20:46: Lee: well I would say to that that you would set up a specific structured blog for teacher training and feed it in to your life portfolio as relevant

7/12/09, from fellow student:

“I have looked at your wordpress creation and I do like it – I think your outline clearly identifies your purpose in the merging together of all the elements which will be encompassed in your e-portfolio.”

An encouraging comment 🙂

10/12/09, from a tutor:

“If any of the OS software you use becomes unavailable, what do you do?”


“In answer to your question, in terms of WordPress, I think it’s such a hugely popular service it’s unlikely to disappear but there are actions we can take to preserve our work. WordPress blogs can be exported … preserving all your pages and posts (it’s also possible to host your own WordPress blog as it is truly Open Source but that isn’t free).

…Apparently there is a plug-in for self-hosted WordPress sites to convert to Eurpopass format so I’d imagine it may become available in the future.

In terms of other resources which are embedded (like YouTube, Vodpod, Flickr), there’s always a risk. The likelihood is you created the resource, you have it on your pc and you are taking advantage of an easy way to share your work, therefore, you have a back-up already. The risks are equal to using e-portfolio software where you have embedded objects.

The greatest risk in my opinion is in losing resources not transported from University or workplace IT systems and then suddenly not having access.”

6/1/10 from Twitter:

ITJil: my only crit is that I wish the column on the left was either larger or on right side, just my 2 cents.

Unfortunately I can’t change the code unless I host it myself so the width stays a little small in my opinion too.

6/1/10 from online discussion:

“It’s absolutely astounding, out of this world in terms of organisation and layout – and certainly communicates something of the owner’s mindset.”

Another kind and encouraging comment 🙂

8/1/10 from Twitter:

jpallis001: Thxs enjoyed exploring eP – good structure, intuitive navigation, v-useful reflections + content

10/1/10 from Twitter:

gemturfer great site on e-portfolios#PLE

16/1/10 from fellow student:

“This is great Lee! I truly enjoyed going through your digital story you are indeed a web2.0 expert. I feel I have learned alot from your views and even the links you put online are very interesting. Its good to see how colleagues are doing in the course you yourself are doing as the learning experience is enriched. The content is vast and is not easy to go through everything as that would take ages. You clearly know what you are doing and where you are going . Well done and keep giving us your expert advice. Thanks for sharing.”

It’s always great to get feedback from my classmates who have all been extremely supportive throughout the course. One improvement I may take from this comment is that if the content appeared ‘vast’ perhaps some kind of outline or roadmap to improve navigation would help.


“A good example of an active, vibrant ePortfolio which illustrates use of a development plan, reflection, the learning journey, professional experience and interests.”

Please feel free to continue this discussion. All feedback is appreciated 🙂


4 responses

  1. Hi Lee,
    Your portfolio is very interesting – from the content the first thing I can see is the breadth and depth of your e-persona, to me you convey your comfort with all things digital from on-line community interaction through your interest in photography to the integration of a wide variety of useful resources related to the purpose and benefits of e-portfolios.
    I find your personal plan and outline of prior and planned education and achievements well laid out, informative and interesting. As I move through the information presented within your portfolio I develop a sense of who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. I have found the composition of materials and resources you have included very engaging as well as informative. I feel I have benefited from the opportunity to view the many resources and thoughts you have shared.

    • Thanks Anne, you are very kind! I think for me the best thing about this assignment is that it feels like the start of something. It’s been an exciting journey from knowing absolutely nothing to feeling quite passionate about e-portfolio adoption. This could be an exciting area for research…

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