Based on research for a recent assignment I’ve decided to use WordPress to begin to collate parts of my digital self. I chose WordPress after experimenting with PebblePad and becoming frustrated with the lack of features now commonplace in the world of Web 2.0. This e-portfolio will be compiled exclusively using free-to-use, online tools ensuring interoperability, accessibility and usability. I intend to include documents which are secured to protect my privacy but I am planning on allowing public access to as much as possible.

I hope my e-portfolio will be capable of fulfilling three main purposes:

  • Learning/Process/Planning (reflection)
  • Marketing/Showcase (presentation)
  • Assessment/Accountability (assessment)

as well as demonstrating the potential of Web 2.0 tools to construct a life-long and life wide e-portfolio.

The original assignment can be found here:




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  2. Pingback: Welcome! « leefolio

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